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Take payments online

Watch the video to discover how to take payments online

A product can be a physical product, a digital product (something you download) or a service. Whatever you are selling you are going to need to way to take people’s payments. Most international websites use PayPal but for us South Africans this was not an option for a long time as they do not pay out to bank accounts in South Africa for some reason. Recently, however, they have made an arrangement with FNB to do pay outs to them so that South Africans can access their money but they still don’t take payments in SA Rands so unless you will be charging in another currency, this may not be a good option.


Our best option here is Payfast, which is actually pretty good. They give customers the option to pay via credit card or to do an EFT to almost any bank in South Africa, making the payment immediately visible. Once the order has been placed and paid for, they send you an email telling you to process or send the order.

Even if you think you can’t sell over a website (maybe your products need to be quoted on first), it would still be beneficial to sell something on your website. People are much more inclined to buy something impulsively than to first call you, get a quote and then make a sale. So try to think of something you can sell online, it can even be a special, a voucher or an introductory product…be creative.

Let me show you how to set it up

Go to and open an account. You will be sent a merchant ID and Merchant key.

Here is the full instruction on how to get a Payfast account and how to integrate it into your website:

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