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Register your website domain


Watch the video to discover how to register your website domain

A website is for long term use. It is your which tells people more about your business, where to find you, what you offer, etc. It is like a pamphlet that tells them everything they need to know and which you can use on business cards or adverts to give people more information. Basic websites are easy but intricate ones are quite a job to build and do have some shortcomings so let’s first figure out if you really need one right away.

That is where a landing page comes in. This is actually a very good name for them cos it is somewhere you want someone to land. It is a one page “website” with no distractions that leads clients down a funnel directly to making the sale. It is quick and easy to create, I will show you that later. They host it for you so the address will not be something you can advertise on your business card or a pamphlet but you can use it on a Facebook advert where the link is inserted behind the scenes. It will be something like: so you would take people directly there through a button placed on your advert.

This is a lot to take in, I know but don’t get stressed we will do it all together, step by step.

So to sum it up, you will probably need a website for long term use or if you are selling something online.

The landing pages we will use for advertising and that will be covered later on.

Let's look at having a website vs using landing pages


  • Needs a domain
  • Needs monthly hosting (about R60)
  • adress
  • Can be tricky to build causing delays
  • Contains a lot of information
  • Can distract customers from buying
  • Limited functionality for sending automated emails.

Landing page

  • No domain needed
  • No hosting needed
  • Unusable address except for back end linking
  • Easy to build
  • Contains limited information
  • Designed to lead customer to buy
  • Great functionality for sending automated emails.

A domain is the www address where people can go and find out more about your product or company. So before you can create a website you need to go to to do this. It will cost about R75 for the domain registration plus R59 per month for webhosting. Make sure you tick the “add SSL certificate” option. It will cost about another R20 per month but is worth it if you will be doing any kind of sales through your site.

As soon as you have done that they will send you loads of emails (probably about 10). The only one that is important is the one containing your CPANEL login details. This one is vital so save it somewhere you will easily find it again. I have a folder in my emails called "PASSWORDS" which helps for storing this kind of thing.

Use the link and login details on this email to sign in to your CPANEL account. Go all the way down the page to “Popular applications” and click on “WordPress”. Install it. There you will insert your domain name as well as a user name and password. Write it down somewhere, you will need it to log into the back end of your website.

Wait till an email comes through saying that WordPress has been installed on your domain. Keep this email, your back end link and log in details will be on it too.

Click on the link and log in

Ok now comes the tricky part – building your website


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