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If you prefer to jump all-in and make a huge life change, these courses are for you. They are various lengths for various periods and are designed to give your life a total makeover. After these courses, you will feel like a new person, full of insight, direction, and clarity.  

Young adult direction course


Young adults have so many important decisions to make and so many expectations and daunting responsibilities that many don't even know where to start. After this course, they will have a far better understanding of themselves with all the tools necessary to start a great life for themselves. 

after divorce stand up course


After a divorce, it is easy to fall into a pit of misery. Where do you start? How do you start all over again? Will anyone love me again? These are just some of the questions that we will work through, giving you a new lease on life and the empowerment to create the life and love you really want. 

finding your power


In this day and age, it is easy to get lost in the stress, addictions and negativity of the world. All these things steal our power, leaving us feeling out of control and in despair. In this course you will learn how to get your power back and how to take life on by the horns, creating the life you deserve. 

Parents & Teenagers course


Parents and teenagers often have difficult relationships but it really doesnt have to be that way. This weekend course will give you so much clarity and insight and equip you with all the best tools for being a fantastic parent for your teenager. Healed parents create healed teenagers.  

POWERFUL Parenting


Parenting is so hard and no kid comes with a manual but if you do your own inner work and start to understand your own issues, you can recognize how your child is being programmed by yourself and by the world around them. This understanding helps you guide them to be free within themselves and to deal with life so much better. 

Fresh Start


Sometimes we just feel like our life is a mess and we don't know where to start to fix it. This course will help you look at your life to see what went wrong and what is sustaining it and then put you on a correction course to build the life you want. With the right tools and the right understandings, anything is possible. 

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Young adults
Fresh start

How does it work?

Each course is over a set number of days on a farm just outside Stilbaai, Western Cape.

Lunch will be provided on course days. 

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