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Healing and living your best life

"I used to think my life purpose was to make people happy but then I discovered that it is to teach people how to be happy! Once you have the right tools, you can create your own lasting happiness and will stop seeking it outside yourself. This also means that once you have it, you are in control and nobody can take it away from you!"

Marelize Appelcryn

Lifecoach / Healing facilitator

About Marelize

Since childhood I have been a highly joy driven person but have always battled to achieve the joy I was striving so hard towards. Life just never seemed to go the way I wanted it to and I always felt like there was something major missing. I had a fire inside of me to find something but I didn't know what it was.

As a teenager, I remember deciding that I would make it my mission to understand what makes people do what they do, and to find what makes the world work the way it does. I couldn't understand all the pain and the hurt that we had to go through and why people did what they did to one another.

Having grown up very religiously, I was intrigued and ecstatic when I discovered that there was such a thing as spirituality beyond religion and that there were all kinds of things that religion didn't teach people about. A whole new world opened up to me and for the first time I felt truly alive and like I was onto something...something amazing. It proved that the "something" I had felt was missing, was indeed there, I just had to find it. I became extremely passionate about the subject and absorbed every book about quantum physics, metaphysics and psychology that I could lay my hands on and at the age of 27, after my divorce, I wrote my first book called "Awaken you are the one" in an attempt to organize my thoughts and all the information I have gained from all the books I read.

But still, even with all this information, I was not where I wanted to be in life. I had a very successful herbal medicine business and a beautiful daughter but I didn't have the happily ever after that I had pictured and I carried my divorce as a huge sense of failure. I simply had to get it right but I didn't know how. Relationships had always been tricky for me, especially with men.

With my inborn rebellious nature and mission to find better ways to do things, I have always been on a mission to find the TRUTH in all situations. Not my truth, the universal, cannot argue with it, in your face, truth.

I am a born entrepreneur and have tried (and failed) several business ideas. Some worked and others didn't but even though I was making good money and was living a comfortable life, I still I couldn't quite figure out how to make real money. Along with my divorce and failed relationships, this too gave me a sense of failure.

After a couple more relationships and a couple more failed attempts at new businesses, I met my current husband. Our merging was not easy (it was downright painful sometimes) but we stuck it out and he has been my greatest teacher, forcing me to re-evaluate everything I believed to be true and everything I believed to be false. He forced me to look at every aspect of myself and through this growth and realization, the healing work I do now was born.

Today I have 3 successful businesses, am happily married and alternate living between our beautiful farm just outside of Stilbaai, and our beach house in Stilbaai, Western Cape. I view obstacles as challenges and opportunities to grow and learn new ways of doing things. At our game lodge that we recently sold, we used to specialize in leadership camps for school kids. It is my passion to teach kids to lead themselves through passion and self discipline and correct thinking in order to create a brilliant future for themselves and hopefully for our country one day.

If you are keen to do some sessions with me, please get in touch via the CONTACT US page. Sessions can be done in person or on Skype. 

If you are keen on one of our events, this will be done with me on in Stilbay. 

You CAN have everything your heart desires and I can help you make that happen.

I have a special love for teenagers

Having a teenager myself, I really understand the pressures and the self image problems they have to face on a daily basis which often comes out as anger, moodiness and bad decisions. I have found that some simple insights can give them a sense of control and a great lift in self esteem. 

For this reason I have created the youth camp where young adults can find their place in the world and discover who they really are.