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Create a company email address and merge it into your GMAIL account

Watch the video to discover how to create a company email address and merge it into your GMAIL account

These days if you have a smart phone you probably have a gmail account, if not please go and create one now. The technology is so amazing these days that all your photos, apps, website bookmarks and passwords get stored on your Gmail account. Don’t let this scare you, it is great for when you get a new phone or computer. Everything is just there without you having to download and find everything again.

So if you don’t yet have one go to  to create one. It is free.

Now go back into your CPANEL link from the previous step and log in. If you skipped the website building part and don’t need one, it is unfortunately not possible to have an email @yourcompanyname if you don’t have a domain. So even if you don’t need a website it may be well worth your while just to go back a step and get a domain registered. It only costs R75. Then you can came back and create your email. It is so much more professional to have an email like than

  1. Once you are logged into your CPANEL account, go down to “Email” and open “Email accounts”
  2. Here you can create your email and a password. If you ever forget your password you can find it here again or you can change it here if needed.
  3. You will then be sent an email with your Email Configuration settings. Keep this email too. If you don’t get the email you can also get this info on that same page under “Set up mail client”
  4. Now go to your Gmail account
  5. Go to the setting button on the top right corner of the screen
  6. Go to “Accounts and import” tab
  7. Click on “Add mail account”
  8. Enter the new email address you have just created in your CPANEL account
  9. Select “Import emails from my other account”
  10. Enter the email address, your username (email address again), password that you created, and POP server as stated in the email they sent you. Leave all the check boxes blank and click “Add account”
  11. Select “yes, I want to be able to email as” and put your own name or your company name in.
  12. Type in what name and email address you want people to see when you send them an email. Check the box that says “Treat as alias”
  13. Type in the SMTP server setting as in the email they sent you with username (email address) and password again. Put the number in the port as in the email. Check the first box.
  14. You will be sent an email with a link and a confirmation code.
  15. Enter the confirmation code and then go back to the email and follow the link too just to make sure.
  16. Go back to your Gmail settings, Accounts and imports and select which email you want to reply from when sending a reply email.

You are done! You can now advertise using that email address which looks way more professional than a Gmail address.

If you are not yet using Google Chrome as a browser and are still using Internet explorer, now is the time to change that too. In Google search for google chrome download and set it up on your computer. Now you are going to stop using the internet explorer icon every time you go onto the internet and start using the Google chrome one. Start saving all these websites you are using in your bookmarks so that you don’t have to keep typing them in every time.


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