Manifest abundance - bonus

Create your vision

I’m sure that by now you have learned quite a bit and if you have been practicing some of it you might have seen some changes already.

Create your vision

After you have completed the 6 previous steps and have submitted all your answers you need to do just one last bonus exercise to "seal the deal". This exercise creates a very clear picture in your mind. It is essential to have a clear picture (clear but adaptable) so that the energy of the universe and of money can align with it:

Write / Type 1 to 5 pages about “My perfect day”. It must be achievable but doesn’t matter how far into the future this day is. It must be about your absolute perfect day. If you had to relive the same day over and over for the rest of your life this must be it.

Start with waking up in the morning. Who is next to you? What happens? What does your house look like? Where do you live? Focus on every detail of how your partner treats you, what he / she calls you, what you do together, how you feel, how they feel about you, what activities or work you do during this day, do you have time apart, what does the evening look like, etc.

Make sure to write it in present tense. Remember, if you picture your future in the future, that is where it will stay.

This exercise is essential in order to get your vibrational frequency aligned with what you want to create and to get a clear picture of what that is.


Now, once you have completed it, go over the whole program again (without doing the questions) so that you have a full recap clearly imprinted into your mind. Whenever you feel like you are slipping into your old habits again, come back and read through them again to refresh your energy. You can even print it all out and file it. After a while it will become a part of you and that is when you truly start to align with your ideal vibrational frequency.

Doing this program on your own online can be challenging so if you are still having trouble you may benefit from a few one on one sessions with one of our fantastic coaches. Our life coaches are all highly qualified and are great at helping clients release old patterns and baggage and start a fresh, new life. They can also help you see clarity when surrounded by confusion and find healing  when you are broken.

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