Manifest abundance - Step 2

Mental Obstacles

There are various mental obstacles that can not only prevent us from making money but also block it from us. You will learn later how the energy of money is affected by our energy but for this step, let's focus on the mental obstacles.

Fear of loss

What stops most people from becoming successful is the fear of success. Whatever your definition of success is, having it will bring change, good and bad and sometimes it is just too much to fathom. Your friends will change, your taxes will change, what you are familiar with and comfortable with will change, and there is the risk of loosing everything.

It is easier to hold onto what you have when you don’t have much than to hold onto what you have  worked so hard to gain. It is easier to build up again from nothing to the little bit you had than to build up to something big again.  The thought of having to start over when you haven't really put in much effort is not nearly as bad as having to start over after having put in everything. The thought is so daunting that it prevents us from moving beyond our comfort zones and encourages us to stay within our limitations.

Fear of changing

So if the question is not “How much money do you want”, but rather, “Who do you want to become?” and “How do you want to feel?”, then it is about changing as a person. It is about changing who we are, who our friends are, how we feel and what kind of life we live.

Changing ourselves is frightening not only because "I am not sure who I am about to transform into", but also because "I don’t know whether everyone around me is going to like this new me". Will I still have friends? Will I still have a partner? Will my partner still love me? What if I don’t want him anymore? What if she doesn’t want me anymore?

Losing our excuses

Letting go, changing, transforming, is made possible with money. With wealth, we can no longer hide behind our excuses. We can no longer pretend. We   cannot say,   ‘well, I can’t leave this situation, unpleasant as it may be, because I don’t have any money’. We  can no longer say,  ‘well, if I had a trainer and a dietitian I would also be slim and healthy’.

We will have no excuse for not creating that brilliant music, or wonderful painting, or writing that best-seller. We  will have no reason not to meditate for hours every day. We will also have to stop being superior to those with money – we will no longer be able to be too good or too decent or too socially responsible or too creative or too spiritual to have money. We  will no longer be special, with a special tale of woe. We will simply be rich, like all those other yobs. Maybe even filthy rich. Or disgustingly wealthy. Frightening thought, isn’t it?


Our beliefs about money is one of the biggest obstacles we need to transcend in order to change our financial position. Our negative beliefs about money is what separates us most from it. We have all kinds of society beliefs about money that hold us back like:

  1. Money is the root of all evil
  2. Money does not buy happiness
  3. I don’t have money for nice things
  4. I am so broke I can’t even pay attention
  5. Only hard work can make you money
  6. The harder you work, the more money you will make
  7. I don’t really need money
  8. Spiritual people or creative people don’t have money
  9. I can’t charge money for something that comes easily for me
  10. I can’t charge money for helping people
  11. Rich people are all assholes
  12. Rich people have no integrity
  13. In order to have money you have to be devious and dishonest
  14. Rich people are unspiritual, materialistic and shallow.
  15. Money corrupts people
  16. You have to sell your soul to the devil to make money

These beliefs affect the way we see money and determines what role it plays in our lives. They are just beliefs. Money is just energy and can take on any form we choose for it, positive or negative. Money is what you make it to be and can be transformed into anything we choose to use it for. Just like you can't blame weapons for killing people, you can't blame money for what people do with it.

Just as money is used for "bad" things it is also used for "good" things. Money allows us to have nice things, travel, feed the poor, develop the world, save lives, come up with medical advances, etc, etc.

You must remove any rose-coloured glasses that are an impediment to wealth creation such as: ‘My lack of wealth is an indication of how brilliant a musician I really am, like all the greats before me.’ 

We often hear people say  money doesn’t interest me, money is not important, I don’t really want lots of money. Then in the next breath they tell you they would love to take that trip to see their sister abroad or be able to afford a car that works properly, or have enough to live without debt or pay off their credit card, but they can’t, because they cannot afford it.

Even nuns and monks need to be clothed and fed...and someone has to pay for that. Experiences cost money too. Do you not need to experience anything? Even if you choose the sit in front of the TV or read books all day, they cost money. So unless you are living off the land 100%, land which you don't have to pay for, in a house you built off the land, farming with animals that you didn't have to buy, sowing seeds that you don't have to buy, and making your own clothing and medicating yourself, YOU NEED MONEY!

What we are really saying when we say we don’t want lots of money is: ‘I don’t want to change. I’m too scared to change. I’m comfortable here. I don’t want to rock my boat.’ Because transformation is about change, and change is frightening.

Money is the currency used to swop stuff and we all need stuff and therefore money. There is nothing good or bad about it. It is what it is and it is what you make of it.

Victim mentality

It is easy to adopt a victim mentality.  We suffer from bad economy, retrenchment, high or low interest rates, wars in foreign countries, or the lack of rain. "Surely this cannot be my fault", we say. "I am good and nice, I live a clean life, and I meditate". As we decline responsibility for our creations, so our power diminishes.

Being the victim (of anything) allows us to not take responsibility, nothing is ever our fault and we are not to blame. We don't have to do anything or take responsibility for anything. Pretty comfy.....except for the suffering and losing out on all the potential that you could create if only you have taken some responsibility and made some changes.

If you have found that you have been creating a habit of being the victim, think about this carefully. You could have so much more. You could be so much more. All you have to do is take charge. DO SOMETHING!

We avoid wealth, because we know it means change. Change of position, change of possessions and, most of all, change of self. We  are afraid to change because we do not know who we will become, and because we identify being wealthy with certain characteristics which we will not own. We  are afraid to change most of all because we know that to do that, we need to face who we are.

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