Manifest abundance - Step 4

Laws of life?

The world is like a computer program

Just like our minds are like computer programs (explained in the FEELING MAKEOVER program), so is this world that we live in. It has several automated systems that you could use if you were just aware of them. It is designed to be in perfect balance at all times and these “laws of life” make it possible to operate the way it does and to keep going in cycles over and over again.

There are certain laws which are obvious like:

  • All living things need food, water and air
  • The earth rotates around the sun every 365 days
  • The earth spins around its own axis every 24 hours

You get the point. Now, there are a bunch of laws around how the energy works on this planet which is not so obvious but when you become aware of them and tap into them, you can use them to your advantage which also plays a major role in the reality that you experience.

Here are the laws of life around energy:

#1. The law of vibration

Quantum physics tells us that everything is energy and vibrates at a certain frequency. If an atom is broken down into it's basic components, it is just pure energy, and no atom touches another atom. They are just held together by energy, which means that no thing is solid, everything is just energy vibrating at different frequencies. Absolutely everything has its own vibrational frequency, including us humans, and the speed at which something vibrates determines what it is, or rather, how we observe it. This is an intense and very interesting topic and I urge you to read up more about it if it interests you.

In us humans, we have a unique gift in that we received consciousness as part of our "package". This consciousness is like a regulator that gives us the ability to change our vibrational frequency. It works like this... Our thoughts, which create our feelings, also create that frequency at which we vibrate. Feelings like anger, hatred, frustration, stress, guilt and shame are all low vibrational frequencies and when we experience those emotions we vibrate at a lower vibrational frequency. When we are happy, peaceful, conscious or even confident, we vibrate at a higher vibrational frequency. Positive emotions cause a higher vibration and negative emotions, a lower vibration.

#2. The law of attraction

The second part of the law of vibration states that like vibrations attract like vibrations and is known as the law of attraction. It is an automatic attraction between energies. In an effort to "be organized", for lack of a better explanation, vibrational frequencies are always trying to group together as they are essentially made of the same energy. Therefore high vibrations attract high vibrations and low vibrations attract low vibrations and this happens instantaneously. No effort is required.Like energies are simply drawn to one another in an effort to merge and become one again.

As humans, we have the unique ability to "choose" which vibrational frequency we vibrate at and therefore what kind of vibrational frequencies, which translate into our surrounding experiences, people and circumstances we draw into our space, simply by being a certain way. So the more you work on increasing your vibrational level, the more good things and experiences will be in your reality. What a phenomenal gift we have!!!

The movie called "The Secret" touches on this subject but it is a bit more complicated than they make it out to be. I will explain. 

In the movie many people interpret that one can just think about something and it will manifest. In reality it is not so much about what you think about but rather about how you feel, not temporarily but rather in your core. What you feel the most and what you feel you are and deserve and are capable of. What you feel you are, deserve and are capable of depends on what your thoughts are focused on. As discussed in the "What are you thinking" section, your thoughts create your feelings, which determine your actions and ultimately your reality. This law fits hand in hand with that. Your thoughts and what part of the picture you focus on determines how you feel in your core and what you expect from yourself, from the world and from others. It is this feeling which determines your vibrational frequency, which determines what kind of vibrational frequencies are attracted into your environment.

The law of attraction states that whatever you think about most or focus on most will be attracted into your life. When focusing on and thinking about negative things, negative things will happen in your life. When focusing on positive things together with positive thoughts and feelings, your life will be filled with positive things. For this reason, what you resist, persists. The more you resist something, the more you focus on it and the stronger you feel about it. The hatred, anger, resentment, etc only gets amplified by your resistance and your focus on what you don't want, making that your reality. If you constantly focus on how much you are battling and suffering financially or in your relationship, the more you will see it and the more intense your feelings about it will become. The only way to move out of it is to focus on the opposite of what you resist and build feelings and thoughts around that, which ultimately builds the reality you want.

Focus on what you choose to have and make sure your emotions are aligned with that. Like-minded people will be drawn into your space (negative or positive) and so will the experiences that you expect most (subconsciously).

#3. The law of cause and effect

The law of cause and effect states that for everything that happens, something caused it, and something will happen as a result of it, whether we know what it is or not. For every belief, thought, decision or action, there is a cause and an effect, it is an endless cycle. So, for us as humans, that means that something created the way we are (experiences, environment, other people, etc) and that determines what comes out of us (emotions, reactions, etc), which has an effect on the world around us, creating our reality. So we create our external reality or outer world from our inner world. Every thing we do, say, feel and believe creates an effect, which creates another effect, which creates another effect, and never ends.

Therefore, this law can be back traced and calculated in reverse. That means that if you know what effect you desire (what you want your outer world / reality to be like), you can cause it to happen by changing whatever needs to be changed and doing whatever needs to be done within yourself to create that. You can work out what needs to happen in order the create the effect you desire.

Most of us live in a state of doing and then experiencing. If we change that around to choosing what we want to experience, we can "do" differently to create that experience.

If you don’t choose what effect you want, whatever you do will have some kind of effect automatically, which will become your outer world and your reality.

So if you do not choose your desired outcome and do whatever it takes to get there, you will always be living on the effect side of things (the outcome automatically generated by your unconscious doing).

The key is to take responsibility and monitor your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, actions and decisions constantly.

#4.  You will see the world however you believe it is

We covered this in great detail in the “belief” section of the FEELING MAKEOVER program. You see and experience the world according to your own beliefs, past experiences and filters you have created and every person perceives the world differently.

Your self-image is created by your beliefs and conditioning and the world will treat you the way you believe it should subconsciously. The same goes for other people, situations, events and your environment.  You will see them the way you believe them to be. It works like a mirror. Whatever you perceive the world to be is a reflection of your inner world. The golden rule is to stop judging and accept everything and everyone for what it is, see the love and the oneness in everyone. Change your perception in order to change your reality.

 #5. Thoughts create

Thoughts, like everything, consists of energy and has a vibrational frequency. The higher the frequency, the higher the energy and thoughts, being the highest frequency known to us, is creating and every thing, emotion, state, feeling or effect creates something and cannot stop or not create something. That is a universal law.

Thoughts are the most powerful form of energy. They are so powerful that they create and bring things into existence!

Thoughts are our operating system and are continually running in the background and in the foreground…always creating. Whatever we think, feel and believe, we create and one literally becomes what one thinks about. It is not an instant process but rather a gradual one so you don’t have to be afraid of the negative things your mind conjures up to scare you. Once again, the things you think about most and the feelings you feel the most, create your reality. This does not mean that if you think of a house, a house will appear in front of you. It is not so much about creating physical items but rather about feelings creating experiences which can turn into opportunities and become physical things.

 #6. Gratitude attracts

Appreciation, love and gratitude are high vibration emotions that are easy to feel and create happiness and love which in turn creates an easier life where good things are attracted to you.

Practice these emotions as much as possible to create the life you want.

Masuru Emoto’s snowflake experiment proves this in a very understandable and visual way. For many years he labelled bottles filled with various kinds of water from various different places. He would label them with emotions, objects, names, etc. and would then let them freeze and then analysed the ice crystals under a microscope. He found that when the water was labelled “love” or “gratitude” or even “thank you” or “peace”, they would make the most beautiful ice crystals. When labelled things like “ugly”, “I hate you”, “tragedy” or “hopelessness” the water would make random, unorganized crystals. This was all due simply to the energy created by the words!

Considering we are 70% water ourselves, just think how these words and energies affect us!

#7. The world is a playground

We come into this world with no memory of where we came from and then get programmed with all kinds of limitations and beliefs about who we are and who we are meant to be. Without going into religion or "after life beliefs", the challenge and the purpose of life is to remember who we truly are and to see past the illusion of this world, which is really just a playground or a school, however you want to see it. In my book “Awaken you are one” I go into much more detail about that but for the purpose of this program all that is important is that there is more to us than just this world and this body we are in. There has to be, else there would be no purpose to any of it.

So then why is one of the most common questions asked by man "Why do bad things happen?"

If everything was just good, we would never look for answers and deeper meaning. Suffering makes us search and searching gives us answers. It is only in desperate times of our lives that we go searching for answers. Think about it; when everything is going fine, nobody cares less about the answers to the universe and the deeper meaning of life. When your life is really messed up, you are confused and that is what makes you search for answers.

When we become aware of how everything works, we realize there is no real pain or suffering. It is all in our minds and in our perception and our thoughts. Unhappiness is a choice as much as happiness is. Remember that your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings create your actions and your actions create your reality, which goes hand in hand with the universal laws of vibration and attraction. Whatever you project is what you experience and you are directly in control (whether you choose to be or not) of the world you experience.

Imagine life as a movie and we are actors in it. After we die, just as in a movie, none of it matters anymore. The only thing that matters is whether or not we have learnt the lessons we were meant to learn. Enjoy the love stories as much as the horrors and actions. That is all it is, a movie. The world is just a stage and you are playing a role. Remember this in times of joy, in times of sorrow and in times of anger. Play your part with conviction but remember with a smile inside you that you are just playing a role. Start seeing everyone being exactly as they are meant to be and believe they are. Shopkeepers are playing the role of shopkeepers, policemen are playing the role of policemen, etc.

Just observe for a minute how animated this place is. Just look at how we come onto this earth. Two people have sex, a baby (a new space suite, which is necessary to experience this world in) grows inside the woman and becomes a porthole for another soul to enter. Wow! We take for granted just how unbelievable that is. It may have been easier to understand if babies rather orbed out of space!

Become a watcher. Watch and observe everything around you, even yourself, like watching a movie. See how everything is an illusion and that it has been made as a learning ground.

When we start observing and watching our experiences, we can stop being involved in them and in the pain we are feeling. We realize that there is always a lesson involved, which only makes us wiser and stronger.

We have been given the experience of dreaming so that we have some way of understanding this concept. When we are dreaming, we are in an illusion but we think it is real. Only when we wake up, we realize that it was not real. Nothing that happened in it damaged you (your soul) in any way.

Know that when something goes wrong, your life is not over, it is just altered. It is just an opportunity to become stronger and less involved in the illusion. You might think that it is impossible to live like this. The point is not to ignore the world but rather to not let it get to you. Still live your life but don’t get stuck in the emotions of it. Getting stuck in the illusion is the only thing that causes pain.

Bad things like cancer, bacteria and illness also have to exist. They are a means of getting off this planet when it is your time. At some point your space suite (your body) has to expire so that you can go home.  If everything were nice and happy here, nobody would want to leave. Of course it is sad to loose a loved one but once again, play your part with conviction, remembering that your loved one is rejoicing because they have gone home. Morn when you miss them, be angry that they are no longer with you, treasure their memories, go through the experience of being human and losing a loved one but then pick yourself up, remember where they are, remember why you are here and focus on that. Strive for understanding and consciousness so that the illusion of it all doesn’t keep you bogged down and you can once again find happiness.

#8. The law of happiness

You might have heard of the “Cinderella syndrome”. This is the belief that we will be happy when something happens. So when we get that car or that house or that promotion then we will be happy. The truth is that this way we never find happiness because it is always out of reach and even when that thing does happen, we need something else to happen and once again happiness is delayed and pushed further into the future.

So this way we are constantly looking for happiness in the future and blaming the past for not having it.

When your happiness is determined by what you have, that makes it conditional. Happiness comes from within. It is the love you project and feel in all things. It is living on the path of love and gratitude and deeper understanding. When you see the good in every situation, you will always automatically be happy.

In life we often get faced with choices. Just as with every action having a consequence, every choice has an effect. Sometimes it is choosing to make no choice which creates the most unhappiness.  No matter what choice you make, there will always be a lesson in it and not accepting the choices we have made in the past results in pain and suffering. We never like to take responsibility for our position and like to believe that something should have been different to how it was. What has happened, has happened and the only thing you can change about it is the way you let it depict your future. Everything happens exactly as it should have. It is all part of the bigger picture.

The happiness recipe works as follows:

  1. Choose - The choice is, what future do you want? You can either let the baggage pull you down or you can stand on it to make you higher.  People who make a different choice are people who change the world. The only thing constant in life is change. So instead of making everything a problem, deal with it and accept it.
  2. Accept - Acceptance is a difficult thing to learn but a very necessary part of experiencing happiness.
  3. Be resilient - We need to learn to become resilient. When life gives us a knock, we need to get back up quickly and positively. Success and happiness are determined not so much by what happens to us but rather by how we respond to it.

Quantum physics tells us that every frequency has a sound and that two sounds that are opposite in frequency can cancel each other out. They have proven this by canceling out the sound of a telephone and of cars with their opposite frequencies. Emotions are also frequencies and by emitting the opposite frequency, you can cancel the negative emotion out.

When you feel hate, think of gratitude, see something good in what you hate. When you feel anger think of kindness. When you feel fear, think of courage. Think of how your soul is eternal and how you have nothing to fear. When you feel anxious, think of something that gives you peace of mind. When you feel pressure, worry or stress, concentrate on being in the present moment and not in the past or future. Gratitude is the most important way of being and it cancels out most negative emotions.

If everyone had to grasp the concept of this, the world would change dramatically.

The entire purpose of seeking the truth is to find happiness because happiness is love and love is not an emotion, but rather the feeling of being who we are.

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