Manifest abundance - Step 5

The energy of money

Simone Wright talks about the energy of money

After all we have learned in this program, there is one more factor that is crucial to making money and that is understanding and harnessing the energy of money. This is just a summary but if you would like to go deeper into it I highly recommend Kiki Theo's book called MONEY ALCHEMY.

As we explained in the LAWS of LIFE section, everything is energy and so is money. As the law of vibration and attraction states, like energies attract like energies so in order to have money come your way, your energy needs to match the energy of money and all that it represents. Money is a very versatile energy that can be moulded into anything and can be used as much for good as it can be used for bad. This is where you learn the art of harnessing that energy. You will also learn that money does not discriminate between good people and bad people and that certain ways of thinking needs to be in place to align with the energy of money. These ways of thinking has nothing to do with what the money will be used for.

Not knowing about and following these guidelines is what makes people loose money as fast as they received it, leaving them back at square one. Harnessing the energy of money is what determines who lives in wealth and who lives in poverty. Although it is true that most wealthy people don't consciously know these things, they are still practicing at least some of them to some degree within their own understanding. Here, you are being given the opportunity to consciously know the rules, all of them, and therefore be able to apply it and become one with it purposefully.

1. Believe anything is possible

This is the first skill needed to harness the energy of money. You have to be able to imagine the impossible coming into reality and even be able to plan how you will make that happen without being restricted by your own limitations, beliefs of lack, excuses and ceilings you have created for yourself.

You need to train yourself to be mentally and energetically fit enough to “hold this space” of creating something. That means you have to believe it with everything you have, without allowing a single doubt to enter the space. This takes a huge amount of stamina and can be very exhausting. It takes serious practice to be able to do this. You have to know within the essence of your being that energy is malleable and that it can be made into anything, making anything possible, even when it seems impossible.

No reality is solid until you decide it is. It is all changeable.

Entertain the idea that other possibilities are possible and that the most random things can happen to change events and circumstances.

To have an extraordinary dream you need first of all to believe. Believe in your ability to create magic. Believe that nothing is too good for you. Believe that you can make a difference. Believe that you are special. Believe that this is a game. Believe that it is fun. Believe that you have nothing to lose. And, above all, just believe!

2. Connect with money

This is the second skill to making money. Connecting is based on the realization that we are all made of the same stuff. Money is energy; we are energy; everything is energy.

To enter the door of connectivity means firstly to acknowledge that I, and the beggar, and the rich man, and the murderer are one (that’s a hard one, isn’t it? The ego says straight, downright, ‘no’ to that!). To do that, requires compassion and in the context of connecting it means recognizing, accepting, and then transforming those things (people, situations) ‘out there’ that we don’t like (or hate or loathe), by recognizing, accepting, and transforming those same qualities within ourselves. This is an ongoing practice which must be done without judgement and with kindness. To accept the divinity in all we meet, means to accept the humanity in all we meet (including ourselves). When we judge, we separate. When we separate, we are no longer connected. When we are not connected, energy does not flow. Money is energy. When energy does not flow,  money does not flow. So in order to connect with money, you need to dissolve the separation between yourself and money, which brings us to the next part.

3. Cultivate the feeling of passion

Wild enthusiasm! Gleeful rejoicing! Exuberant anticipation! Absolutely head-over-heels-in-love feeling! Can’t wait to get out of bed joy! So thrilled you can’t keep the grin off your face! Heart thumping delight at the world! Pure Happiness! Everything looking totally bright and beautiful and possible feeling! Reckless Fun & Enjoyment!

That is what passion feels like and that is what the energy of money is drawn towards most.

Think about it. Who attracts more people in a group? The miserable, resentful person or the happy, passionate person? Attraction with money works the same way. It wants to go where it is appreciated and cherished, not resented and demanded. Make an effort to become a more positive, glad to be alive, the world is on my side, kind of person. Surround yourself with positive, inspiring people, focus on the positive things in life.. If you battle with this part it may well be worth your while doing our “FEELING MAKOEVER” program.

4. Develop a relationship with money

Everything exists within relationship to one another and money is no exception. Become aware of your relationship with money. Is it good? Is it healthy? Do you respect money? Are you grateful for it? Do you pressure it with too many expectations? Do you treat it frivolously? Do you resent it? How do you feel about it and talk about it? Compare your relationship with money to your relationship with people. How do your relationships start and end? Our relationships with everything generally follows the same pattern and when you change your relationship with one thing, everything changes because everything is connected.

Money has no feelings and doesn’t care what we do with it but it does need us in order to become something. Without us it is just energy. With us it becomes potential and anything we direct it to become.

Everything on earth works in cycles that begin and ends and begins again. We give the earth seeds and it gives us food. Water falls from the sky and is evaporated up into the sky again. Money works the same. It cannot end, it just keeps flowing. You cannot hold onto it, you can only contain it and make use of it. If you try to hold onto it, it will disappear in front of your eyes. It has to stay in a cycle of coming in and going out, all the time being directed and flowing through you.

5. Care

The energy of money is very connected to the energy of caring. If you have a product or service that meets the needs of people (most do), recognize that and work with it. Care about how you are helping people meet their needs and how you can make their lives better, not about how much money you can make from them but rather how you can add value to their lives.

6. Have a vision

You need to have a vision of what your money looks like, what shape and form it will take in your life and what you expect from it. You need to envision what your business will look like, what car you will drive, what your house will look like, what your life will look like, etc. You need to give money direction. This is your money container. Without it, money has no direction and nowhere to go. It will just flow through you and out again.

7. Set Intentions

There is no point in having needs or desires as that is all they will ever be. You need to set intentions. Intentions imply a commitment to make something happen, not to wait for it to happen miraculously. Intentions become plans and actions and realities.

8. Shape money

Energy is everywhere and money, being energy is everywhere too. There is no limit to energy and therefore no limit to money, there is more than enough to go around. It is abundantly available. All we need to do is direct and shape this energy that is all around us and get it to flow through us (not collect it). Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed, shaped and directed. So why not direct it to you? Shape it into what you want. If you understand this concept fully it changes everything! Money is no longer something solid that is out of reach that you need to collect and hold onto, it only needs to flow through you.

If you really understand that money is energy, and that you are energy,  then you understand that you are the money! There is no one who will give it to you, or can keep it from you. There is no one who will make it for you, or qualify you to receive it. There is nothing you need that you do not already have, in this moment, as you read this, for making as much money as you want. Because, you are, and have always been, the one who is the money! You are the money!

9. Harness the feeling of money

The feeling of money is not about the big house or the fancy car. It is the feeling of freedom, possibilities, excitement and the power that this brings. It is the feeling of being able to do anything and experience all that life has to offer. It is the feeling of the world being your playground. Harness this energy and money will be with you always because the energy of money matches the energy of potential and creation.

Just like an athlete trains to become a champion, you need to develop certain skills and certain habits in order to train for wealth. You need to change yourself to become who you want to be. Being the old you didn’t bring you wealth so obviously something needs to change. You cannot expect something new if you keep doing the same things over and over.

The art of wealth is also not something that is gained overnight. It is something that becomes, little by little almost without you noticing it. You just wake up one day and realize that everything has changed and that you have come such a long way from where you used to be.

What kind of things do you say to friends, family and strangers.

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