Join me for this amazing training that will change your life like you never thought was possible!


Empowering women of

South Africa


Do You…

  • Have that constant nagging feeling that you should be doing more with your life?
  • Endure daily #FOMO as you watch people living life with passion and make a difference in the world?
  • Frequently forget you have bigger goals than paying off your house bond in this lifetime
  • Wish you had a career that you loved and excelled at?
  • Wish you could be in a position where getting your hair done isn't a serious financial consideration
  • Fear you’ll wind up stuck with a soul-sucking job, a lukewarm relationship, and a pile of abandoned dreams
  • Fall into a spiritual crisis every time you get only 14 likes on Facebook
  • Get overwhelmed just *thinking* about doing something truly exciting because WHERE WILL YOU FIND THE TIME AND MONEY?!?!

Why you'll love this course…

This course will take you from “trying to figure it out” and “spinning in circles” while you stare at your split ends living your life on purpose and making REAL money doing what you love!

IN THE LIFE PURPOSE Online Course we will teach you how to build your own business from scratch and escape your self-made prison of financial struggle!!!

You didn't stumble across this page by accident!
You have been led here!

I thought this would be too difficult and took a long time to decide if I was ready. ​

I cant believe how easy it was! the step by step videos and instructions make it impossible not to succeed and I wish I knew what I know now 20 years ago. Stop will never look back!

- Dana Ross

I was so angry with life...this was not where I pictured myself to be at 40!

I was divorced with 2 kids, earning a measly salary and battling to get by. As a young woman I always pictured a happy marriage, a good life and making a difference in the world but I didn't know how to get there.

This course changed my whole world and now I am as successful and even more than I ever dreamed I could be. 

You have to do this!!!

-Busi Maluleke 

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