Congratulations! This is a big step in your life!

Let's figure out what your life purpose is

Question 1:

What do you love to do?

Yes, I know we all love to shop and to watch movies and go to restaurants with our friends!

That's not the answer we are looking for here.  You need to think a bit deeper like "I love to see people grow" or "I love to see people happy" or "I love to be creative".

Think about what makes you feel alive and purposeful and passionate.

Question 2:

What are you qualified to teach people?

I don't mean qualified like you have a degree or something. It can be anything like "How to make the best lasagna in town" or how to stand up out of depression" or "how to teach your kids good manners".....anything you can think of.  Something that you have spent a lot of energy figuring out and you really have the answer. 

Question 3:

Who do you do it for? Who do you make life easier for? Who can you teach? Who's life can you make better with the knowledge and skills that you have?

Do you do it for moms, chefs, kids, accountants, broken people, sad people, etc

Question 4:

What do they want or need?

The people that you do it for...

Do they need education, love, help, etc? Try to be as specific as you can. What do they desperately need that you can help with?

Question 5:

How do they change or transform as a result of what you give them?

How does it make them feel when you do this thing for them? What influence does it have on them, their lives and their future?

So now you create your 1 line life purpose from this:

I …..(teach soccer / supply the best health snacks / bake amazing cupcakes / listen come up with amazing solutions)......... for…..(kids / old age homes / people in pain)
so that they can....... (become super stars / grow up with good eating habits / find happiness)


So if you answered:

Question 1 : I love to make people smile

Question 2 : I am qualified to teach people how to have a good day

Question 3 : I do it for my customers / everyone who comes in my path.

Question 4: They need good, friendly service

Question 5: They feel valued and important. They also feel like someone cares and that the world is not such a bad place

My life purpose: I provide good, friendly service to everyone who comes in my path so that they can feel valued and important.

Knowing this allows you (even as a shop assistant) to feel empowered and to live with purpose, consciously deciding to fulfill your life purpose every day.


So if you answered:

Question 1 : I love to see people stop struggling

Question 2 : I am qualified to teach people easier ways to build low cost houses

Question 3 : I do it for underprivileged people

Question 4: They need help

Question 5: They feel empowered.

My life purpose:

To teach underprivileged people to stop struggling and feel empowered. (you can mix it up till it sounds and feels right to you)

So even if you don't necessarily teach underprivileged people to build low cost houses you know now that your passion is to help underprivileged people stop struggling and feel empowered. Maybe it's time to re-evaluate what you do for a living or start spending more of your free time doing this.

Do you have your life purpose now?
Doesn't it just feel awesome to know what you are meant to be doing with your life?

(This is going to be awesome!!!)
Let me help you start an amazing business doing what you love!!!


You have nothing to be afraid of just come along, I have something awesome to show you....