Life purpose business Course 1

Life purpose business Course 1




This is the 1st of 4 courses, each with 5 steps designed to turn your 

life purpose into a successful business
This course is free!!!

With each step we give you an indication as to the cost of the service provider so that you can see how cheap and achievable this is!

Course 1 - You will learn

First the very basics

  • Step 1 -  Discover what kind of business you want and what you will need.
  • Step 2 - Register your business for only R125
  • Step 3 - Open a bank account (R50)
  • Step 4 - Get a logo (R285)
  • Step 5 - Get an  easy to use accounting system (R225 per month - 30 days free)

Let's get you started on your journey!

You will wish you had done this 10 years ago!


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