Life purpose business Course 3

Life purpose business Course 3



This is the 3nd of 4 courses, each with 5 steps designed to turn your 

life purpose into a successful business

Each course is only R499!!! 

With each step we give you an indication as to the cost of the service provider so that you can see how cheap and achievable this is!

Course 3 - You will learn

A few more things to get everything in place

  • Step 1 - Send beautifully designed bulk advert emails (free)
  • Step 2- Create a landing page (free)
  • Step 3  - Create Facebook adverts  (free - R500)
  • Step 4 -  Create a sign up form on your website (free)
  • Step 5 - Create an automated email that sends after someone signs up (free)

Look at YOU! You're becoming awesome!!!


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