Full Makeover

Full Makeover




This full makeover gives you access to all 4 programs – Business makeover, financial makeover, relationship makeover and feeling makeover at amazing 75% discounted price!

Each program has 10-15 steps which are completed one by one.
Each step has a lesson and some questions for you to answer.
Once you are done with each lesson you just hit the “submit” button and the answers will be emailed to us so that we are on board with your progress and can help you if you get stuck. You are welcome to email us any time during your program for one on one advice. Our email is coaching@elitecoaching.co.za

These program can transform your life completely and create the amazing life and emotional freedom that you deserve.

Please have a look at each program individually to see what you will learn.

This information is priceless!

You can do the steps in your own time. Some people may want to work through it as fast as possible and others may want to take their time, absorb each lesson and practice implementing it before they move on to the next one. Either way, what you are receiving in these amazing programs will change your life and transform your relationships, finances and feelings.


In order to give you a glimpse into the kind of work you will be doing, and in our attempt to show you we really care, we are willing to giveĀ  you an absolutely free preview into some of our most powerful steps!

This online opportunity allows you to save thousands on life coaching consultation fees!


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