Learn Why some people have wonderful relationships and others don't… 

(And How To Be One Of Those Couples!)

What if.....?

  • Every time you saw your partner you felt excited?
  • Love came effortlessly, and you felt more authentic and more relaxed than ever before in a relationship?
  • You could experience more love, more affection, and deeper intimacy – with much less pain and effort?

You can! You CAN be cherished, loved and adored. All it takes is a new understanding of what REALLY inspires people to fall in love, and simple changes you can make that will leave you feeling more heard, more loved, and completely cared for.

It may not seem possible, but it is. Even if you feel like your current relationship is beyond repair, or there are no good partners left, or that the person you’re with will never commit. Even if you are about to get a divorce, or give up on dating, or settle for an unsatisfying love life.

You CAN have the relationship you’ve always wanted, and it starts here.

What is a bad relationship?

Most people will tell you that a bad relationship is when there is:

  • Abuse (physical, mental, emotional or substance)
  • Lack of respect
  • Resentment and anger
  • Controlling behaviour
  • Financial destruction
  • Infidelity

And you are left feeling:

  • Worthless
  • Confused
  • Resentful and angry
  • Bitter
  • Tired
  • Stressed

Nobody wants to live like this and ultimately you get to a point where you would rather sleep under a bridge than continue staying in the relationship.

You may have turned to books, counselling, religion, drugs and alcohol or maybe even a lawyer to try and rectify or get away from this mess you are in.

But it wasn't always like that

At some point you were in love, listened to each other, loved each other and enjoyed one another's company...and then life happened....kids, mortgages, car payments, jobs, etc...and life became less fun and more stressed...am I right?

How can I fix my partner?

This is the most common question I hear and the simple truth is you can't....you can only change yourself.

"But I'm not the problem!" I hear you say

I know, I know but with the techniques we teach and the information you will learn, you will have a total transformation and the following will happen:

  • What was once important to you will change
  • What used to stress you will change
  • How you see yourself and others will change
  • Your anger, resentment and anxiety will go away
  • You will know how to handle your partner, kids and situations better
  • Your partner will start seeing you differently
  • Your partner will become more drawn to you
  • Your will start feeling like one does in a happy relationship...yes it is possible no matter how bad your situation is
  • Your life will become happier 

Change is scary...

Nobody wants to change because it is so scary. You don't know and can't trust what we could possibly teach you that could transform your life so drastically. If the therapists, counselors and churches can't get it right how can we claim to have the answers? Good question....the answer is simple. As a life coaches we have been there ...in a bad relationship, running around to anywhere and anyone who may be able to help us but nobody could because listening to your problems is no going to fix it. Neither is medication, praying (nothing against praying...you just need to take some responsibility in the fixing part) or people telling you how you should or should not feel or what you should or should not be doing.

So it becomes easier to close this window and ignore what you have just read, to continue in your misery and to believe that it cannot be fixed because changing is hard and the mind wants to continue in what it knows and what it is comfortable with even if it is in misery.

What is this bad relationship costing you?

Lets look at the misery first...what is that costing you?

  • Years of bad memories
  • Detrimental programming in your children resulting in them too having miserable relationships one day
  • Confusion, anger and resentment resulting in depression
  • Rapid aging
  • Low self esteem
  • Stress

Let's look at a divorce...what would that cost you?

  • Half of your assets
  • Everything you have worked so hard to build will be lost
  • You may have to move
  • You may have to get a smaller car
  • You may have to move your kids to another school
  • You would have to date again and deal with STD's, creeps, other people's children and lots more
  • You will be alone - nobody to do things with. Weekends and evenings are the worst. You can only hang out with friends and family so much before you start invading their space
  • Friends and family will become tired of your story and your wining and even though they feel sorry for you, will ultimately distance themselves
  • Your kids will have their own social lives and you will be left alone
  • You will have to see your partner with someone else
  • When your kids get married there will be politics about who gets to sit at the main table
  • You may have to either pay child maintenance or fight to receive it
  • The lawyer fees may cost you more that what you lost in the divorce
  • You wont see your kids every Christmas or special day...they will need to be shared

Is it really worth it?

Are you ready to be helped???

I am not going to tell you that its going to be easy and I'm not going to tell you that things will change instantly but what I can tell you...what I can guarantee you...is that if you do the work you cannot not succeed. 

This step by step course (no, it has nothing to do with the love dare if you are familiar with that process), which you work through by yourself, at your own pace will change the way you think dramatically and will definitely change your views and your relationship. If by the end of it, if you still feel like you would rather start a new life, with a new partner, you will be in a wonderful space where you can meet someone who will cherish you and love you and make the relationship worthwhile....but my bet is your partner will want this role and will do anything to have that with you (I know you don't believe me now).

What you will learn...

  • To access and define the problem
  • How to discover who your really are
  • To find your strengths and your weaknesses
  • To discover what is important to you
  • To discover what you need to have a happy, fulfilling life
  • How to harness your thoughts for better life experiences
  • How the laws of life work
  • Why some people are happy and others are not
  • How to transform your self image and gain enormous self confidence
  • How to get out of destructive thoughts, habits and "stuck" feelings
  • how to get clarity about your life
  • How to communicate better
  • How to get your needs met
  • How to understand your emotions better
  • How to overcome depression, fear, anger, grief and other limiting emotions
  • How to create a fantastic, fulfilling life

What could this mean for you?

A renewed relationship could mean:

  • Have more friends
  • Be more outgoing
  • Take more risks
  • Enjoy life more
  • Have better relationships
  • Live the way you have always wanted to
  • Enjoy an amazing sense of freedom
  • Be part of something bigger than yourself!!!!

This information is priceless!

You can do the steps in your own time. Some people may want to work through it as fast as possible and others may want to take their time, absorb each lesson and practice implementing it before they move on to the next one. Either way, what you are receiving in this amazing program will change your life and transform your relationship.

Relationship Rescue online course

In this course the following lesson will be done one by one. There will be a video lesson as well as an exercise to complete.

Lesson 1 - Is the relationship worth saving?

Lesson 2 - How to stop fighting

Lesson 3 - Emotional Needs

Lesson 4 - Masculine vs Feminine

Lesson 5 - Your thoughts 



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