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Build a sales funnel

Watch the video to discover how to  build a sales funnel

Now that you have learned how to do all that and have it all set up, I will be explaining to you how to create a new product launch that is geared for success. This product can be a special, a competition, a new product, an old product. Anything that you think is great enough that the world would want it, or even better… if they need it.

There is a website that can help do all this for you but they are quite expensive (US$97 a month) so if you can afford it, by all means use them… but here I am going to explain to you how to do it yourself with the tools you have plus a bit extra, which they don’t give you.

A high converting (means lots of people follow through and buy) launch program works as follows:

  1. Have a really good Facebook advert with a button that takes the client to a landing page
  2. On the landing page give away something free in exchange for their email or let them enter a competition or do a quizz…anything to get their email.
  3. Send an automated email directing them to the sales page to collect their free product OR redirect them directly to the sales page where they can collect their free product.
  4. On this sales page you make your sale which is connected to an automatic payment system.

First you need to plan the whole system because once you launch it, everything needs to be in place so you need to plan it well. It is easy to place a Facebook advert on several groups, anyone can do that but this is a highly skilled, highly planned, super professional launch.

We are going to write this in the sequence that the customer will follow it but when you build it, you will do the FaceBook advert last so that everything is ready before you start sending people there and get the ball rolling.

Step 1 – Facebook advert

You advert must follow this template:

Heading - Highlight the problem in a question form e.g. Do you battle to find clients?

Elaborate on the problem – Maybe you don’t have time to find clients or you don’t know how

Give your solution in a “what if…” question– What if we could guarantee you more than enough clients ready to buy your product.

Insert a video. I know it is scary to be in a video but these days that is what really works. People are lazy to read and they want to see that you are a real person, selling them something real. They want to know that they are just like you and that if you could do it so could they. They want to trust you and they want to want to be like you. They want to feel in their heart that you really want to and can help them. You don’t have to be thin, or attractive. In fact they resonate more with you if you are not. If you really battle with this part you could also try doing an animated video or a photo video or even just a picture.

You need to intrigue them to get them to click on the video or picture. Your topic must be either really interesting or you must advertise something for free.

NB - If you use an image in the advert, link it to your landing page (in step 3). If you are using a video, also link to your landing page, not to the video itself, especially if it is on Youtube. 

By doing this the video will not play in Facebook but will rather redirect them to your landing page, which is what you want.

If you don't want to use a video, a picture can also work.

Include a button for a call to action. There must be also a button on the advert to take them to the landing page if they don't click on the video link.

Step 2 - A good video

A good video follows these rules:

  1. Give a common problem…and then a solution
  2. Introduce yourself and provide some credibility factors (this could include past successes, companies you’ve worked with, followers, publications you’ve been featured in, how long you have been in the industry, etc – find something).
  3. Dive into their current situation; show that you’re aware of the issues they’re facing on a daily basis ,i.e. struggling with confidence, trying to get new clients, but don't know where to start or what to do. Go into specific examples here.
  4. Outline step-by-step the solution your program/product or service provides for them and their business.
  5. Paint the picture of how your program/product or service will change their reality. What will their life look like after being a part of it?
  6. Keep your customer engaged to continue watching the video. You can do this by providing entertainment, enlightenment and information. (You know your customers best, so add humour, statistics, sarcasm, where you see fit and only if it’s relevant).
  7. Explain the program in detail. The more expensive the product, the more you need to establish the need with your customers and outline the benefits of the investment. As long as you clearly define the problem/s that they're experiencing, they'll keep watching. Put yourself in their shoes. If you were the customer, what do you need from this program to get results?
  8. If you can show a visual representation of the program/product or service (or even some of the bonuses a customer will receive) show it. You can hire graphics specialists through at incredibly cheap rates to up the level of professionalism.
  9. Be authentic. Be YOU and what I mean by that is, be 20% more energetic, enthusiastic, and emotive. Once you produce a few videos you’ll be able to see the difference in yourself, when you don’t follow this rule – your viewers will know and it will impact your conversion rates.
  10. Having a polished video that looks professional is incredibly important. Consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that has published a poor-quality video experience.
  11. Explain the investment simply, in clear language, without hesitation and include any payment plans or options available, yes, even if it is a high price point.

A video works best when placed on your landing page.

Remember that you will need to post it to your Youtube channel first and then use the link with an image in your landing page. 

Step 3 - Your landing page

Your landing page is where your Facebook advert takes them. It is where your video is embedded and  is all about getting them to give you their email address. You can either do it in Mailchimp or on your website.

The pros of doing it in Mailchimp is that there are no distractions of other pages and it can be kept very basic. Mailchimp allows you to set up an automated email that sends as soon as they give you their email address and hit the submit button.

If you do it as a page on your website clients can be easily distracted and you cannot send an attractive automated email as soon as they hit SUBMIT. A major pro however is that you can redirect them to another page once they hit the SUBMIT button which allows you to cut out the email part where you may lose them.

So depending on what exactly you want to do, you need to decide which tool is more suited to your needs.


Either way, your landing page needs to cover the following:

  1. Your video needs to be here
  2. Repeat a summary of what was in the video for those that didn't watch it
  3. Offer something for free in exchange for their email address. The best thing you can give them is something of value at no charge. It can be an entry into a competition, results to a quizz, a preview of whatever you are selling, a voucher, anything that you can give them straight away, via email. Be creative.
  4. Have a form where they can fill in their email. If your landing page is in Mailchimp then follow the next step to create an automated email. If it is in your website, when creating the form, make sure to go to (in WP Forms on your website) SETTINGS - CONFIRMATION and select SHOW PAGE and insert the sales page where you want them to go.



Step 4 - An automated email

If your landing page was in Mailchimp then you need to go into MailChimp and create an automated email for your sign up form which will be sent as soon as they enter their email.


NB: Make sure when designing it that the trigger is set to "send immediately". By default Mailchimp sets it to "1 Day later". You don't want that.

On this email you need to do 2 things:

  1. Remind them about the free thing you promised them
  2. Find a way to get them to go to your next landing page (there must be a button on this email to take them there). The best way is to make them go there to claim the free thing.

Try not to put images on this email as it may end up in their spam folder.

You need to intrigue them to want whatever you are selling. If they have come this far, they are obviously interested in what you have but people's attention spans are short and they get easily distracted so make it clear how much they will benefit from this thing you want to give them.

Step 5 - Your sales page

This is where you make your sale so it needs to be good and can be quite a long page with several options to buy in between. This is where several psychological triggers come in.
  • Tell them why you want to help them.
  • Tell them what inspires you to to do this.
  • Explain how you can help them - create a "what if" scenario making their life easier. Paint a picture for them of how it could be.
  • Ask them if they need help. Here you go into detail of what a "bad situation" they could be finding themselves in without your product looks like and how they must be feeling.
  • Then you go into what the problem they are having is costing them in time, money, lifestyle, etc.
  • Then you ask if they are ready to be helped. Here you make it clear that you are doing them a favour and that they are also going to have to give something for this to work.
  • Recap in detail what they will be buying and how they will benefit from it.
  • Paint a mental picture of how their life will change once they have this product.
  • Encourage them to push the button below which is where you put your product.


Step 6 - Keep learning

What I have taught you here is only the tip of the iceberg but it will get you going well on your way.

If you are serious about launching your business you need to keep learning and investigating on how to improve your systems and create better adverts.

If you see and advert on Facebook that intrigues you to buy something, go back and analyse their marketing methods, the words they use, how their links and automated emails are set out, what their website looks like and what it was that made you buy.

Here are also the links to a great teacher who has taught me so much about these things. Feel free to do his courses and follow his work. You can just search him on Facebook or follow the link below.

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