Life Purpose business - Course 4 Step 1

Make awesome videos


Picture videos

Animated videos

Watch these 2 tutorials to discover how to  make videos

There are 3 different types of videos you can make:

  1. Live videos - Just record yourself on your phone or computer
  2. A series of photos and video clips shown as a video - like in the PICTURE VIDEOS tutorial
  3. Animated videos  like in the ANIMATED VIDEO TUTORIAL

Obviously to start off you don’t want to go and invest in an expensive camera so you can use your smart phone or the webcam on your laptop, depending on where you will be making this video.

If you are using your smart phone there are several apps you can use to make it easier. PIXGRAM and LEGEND allow you to edit your videos, add writing, add music and much more. The only thing is that photos and videos taken with your phone are very big so for videos you will need the app VIDCOMPACT to make them smaller.

If you are making a video on your PC, you will need Windows Movie maker. It used to come with windows 7 but you can get it here for windows 10.

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Integrate your video

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Avoid mistakes

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Sales funnel

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Make money

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