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Integrate your videos

Watch the video to discover how to  integrate your videos onto your marketing

Once you have finished creating your video you will obviously want to use it in your advertising. Here is the tricky part. You cannot post a video on your website larger than 8mb. The reason is that it blocks the servers and will probably not play (they also won’t allow you to load it to begin with). 

How it works is this:

Your video has to be hosted on an external website like YouTube and then the link is put into your website or your Facebook advert making it appear like it is there but it is actually not.

To create a YouTube channel is free but the problem is that once you post something there it becomes a free for all so anyone can use it for anything. 

To create a Youtube channel check out his link:

If you need your videos to be more private you will have to look at other options, although on Youtube you can select the video to not be for public use (you can select PRIVATE - only you can see it, or UNLISTED - it does not come up on searches) but people can still access it and share it even though it will not come up under searches. 

Sprout video offers some cool things like email automation and landing pages and they are compatible with Mail chimp so you can link them but they charge US$59 a month which, if you convert it to SA Rand is quite hectic. They do however keep your videos safe and you can adjust the settings so that your website is the only domain where it may be shown so that nobody can copy and paste the URL and share it elsewhere. This is especially useful if you are selling the information in the video or have a membership where only paid members can see them. But this is quite advanced so you could probably get away with using YouTube for a while.

Alternatively you can also check out Vimeo or Wisteria which have some free options and some paid options.

How to insert videos into your website / MailChimp advert

Most websites have an option to add a video as an element in the design and then you just add the link to where it is hosted into that element.  

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