feel like you belong anywhere - Step 5

Self Image Makeover

The last step of this program is to makeover your self image. After learning everything you have so far in the program you are ready for a new life and with that comes a new way of seeing yourself.

This is a visualization exercise.

Read through the steps first and then follow them as you remember with your eyes closed. 

  1. Close your eyes
  2. On your mental screen bring up a full body picture of how you see yourself
  3. Observe how you feel in that image. What is your body posture? What are you wearing? What does your hair look like?
  4. Once the picture is clear. Open your eyes. We will call this "old picture"
  5. Now close your eyes again. This gap is important, don't skip it.
  6. Now create a new self image. Change whatever you want in the picture. Change your posture to strong and upright, maybe even arms in the air. Change your hair and your clothes if you like. Change your feelings to a feeling of confidence, energy and enthusiasm. Create a feeling of great power. 
  7. Now double that feeling. Feel it to the absolute max. Push your chest out and feel it. Mimic the body language physically. We will call this "new picture".
  8. Open your eyes (this break is essential)
  9. Now close your eyes again and bring in the old picture. Clap your hands very loudly and with the sound of the clap bring in the new picture. This is how we program the brain to store it. The loud clap is essential to this process.
  10. Repeat this last step 3 times, opening your eyes between every time you do it. 
  11. Your new self image should override the old one now and you will notice that the old one becomes more difficult to find in your memory every time you do this. 

Now answer these questions based on your new self image, not on the old on you used to have.

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