business - Course 1 Step 5

Get an accounting system

Watch this video to see how Sage Pastel can help you.
 The more you use it the more you will learn how amazing it is.

Don’t go and spend thousands on an accounting program you buy in a computer shop or let your granny do it for you in manual work books.  If you have been doing it this way or are using manual invoice books please stop … there is a much better way! Even if you have been using manual tax invoices in a booklet, you can easily ask for the customer’s email and send them a proper invoice by email. Getting email addresses is vital for the marketing of your business, here is an ideal opportunity.

The pastel program you buy from computer shops costs about R6000 – R8000 and is not necessary for a small to medium sized business.  Many accountants still use it but there is a much cheaper, much easier way. Juts go to It only costs about R225 per month and is so user friendly it does almost everything for you so that you just have to get an accountant to do your financial statements at financial year end. Another pro is that it is online so you can never lose your info and you can access it from anywhere. 

There is no need to register for VAT until you are doing in excess of R1 million turn over per year. When the time comes, an accountant can quickly do it for you.

Well done!!! you have completed the first course and are now well on your way to living your life with purpose

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