business - Course 3 Step 5

Create automated emails

Watch the video to discover how to create automated emails

  • In your Mailchimp account, create another campaign
  • Select "Email"
  • At the top there are several tabs. Select “Automated”.
  • In the tabs again select "subscriber activity"
  • Choose "Thank pop up subscribers"
  • Follow the prompts and create your email.

You will also need all kinds of automated emails for… if they left the shopping cart abandoned, follow up after sales and anything else you might want to send emails for. You can create all these in MailChimp once you have linked your website to it.

Gmail also has a feature called “canned responses”. This allows you to have set emails that you commonly use without having to copy and paste them or re type them.

Here is how to create them:

  1. In your GMAIL account go to SETTINGS (top right), LABS, Canned responses - click ENABLE.
  2. Go back and compose a new email.
  3. Type the email you want
  4. In the bottom right corner of your email there is a little arrow. Click on it
  5. Go "Canned Responses" and save it under a label you create
  6. Now whenever you want use that email, you simply compose an email again or reply on one, click on the arrow and select "canned responses", Insert. It will automatically insert the whole email for you. You can then make any changes needed and send.

If you want your canned response emails to be nicely laid out with buttons, images or anything else you simply create it as a template in MailChimp, send it to yourself as a preview and then forward it (to put it in compose email format) and save as a canned response. Just make sure the button (if you added a button) is working before sending it out.


Try to avoid putting images in first time or reply mails as some people's servers are programmed to block them and it will be sent to their spam folders. Once they have communicated with you a few times, the server will recognize you and allow these emails.

Well done! you have completed Course 3!
You are now ready to rock n roll!!!
The next course is all about making the sales. This is where is gets fun!

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