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Create Facebook adverts

Watch the video to discover how to create Facebook adverts

Hopefully you have a personal Facebook page. If you don’t please go and create one here

A paid Facebook advert is used to promote your business to everyone on Facebook. If you place an advert on your own profile, only your friends can see it which doesn't help much.

You could join several groups and post on them for free but that is labour intensive as you need to load each one each day and your audience is limited. With paid Facebook adverts you can choose your target audience. You can choose male / female, age groups, location where people are based and what they are interested in. They will then see your advert in between all their posts on their normal news feed.

For businesses Facebook offers 2 different things, pages and groups. It can easily get confusing as to which one you need. A page is like a platform that represents your business where you can run adverts from. It is like a mini webpage. Groups are normally a group of people who have similar interests like buying and selling groups in certain areas or for certain things. The problem with groups is that you first have to get people to join before you can sell to them and you cannot do a paid advert and attract more people in a group. Also, others can sells things in that group too which distracts them away from your product. So definitely do a page, not a group.

You can build a Facebook advert  in Facebook or in mail chimp. There are pros and cons to both. When you choose your budget (how much you want to spend on the advert), through Facebook it is in SA Rands, through mail chimp it is in US dollars. Either way you can choose how long you want to run the advert for and how much you are willing to spend on it. They do not deduct the amount from your card straight away, only at the end of your advert run and don't be afraid, they won't bill you extra than what you tell them to.


  1. If you put the link to your website in the advert text, your website will automatically come up as the picture of the advert with a link. So if someone clicks on it they will be taken there.
  2. If you don't want your website thumbnail to be your advert's picture, first insert your images, then only put the website link in your advert text.
  3. Make sure your images don't have writing in them as this will prevent them from performing well. Facebook has a lot of rules about promoting adverts and this is one of them. You may also not post anything with too much visible skin, weapons, medication or herbal supplements, diet products, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc. If your advert gets rejected they will give you a link to go and read the rules. So if your business involves any of these things you will really need to think out of the box to advertise on Facebook. You wont be able to advertise the product itself but maybe the feeling it creates or the lifestyle it gives or do a fun quizz. Sometimes if you disguise the product picture with a busy background, it doesn't pick up the offense (especially with photos of bottles - supplements, perfumes, etc) and the advert is approved.
  4. Always make sure you put a budget in. If you let Facebook set the bid they will use your is like giving them an open checkbook.
  5. Always insert a button which takes the client to a landing page, your page,  a website or an event. If you don't have a button you will find people go to your page and don’t really know where to go from there after they liked it (likes are nice but they don’t help you much), or get lead to your website, have a look around and leave or they say they are interested in your event but then you never hear from them again. It is vital to channel them where you want them to go and take them to the sale.

Instructions in Facebook: There are 2 ways to do this

  1. Post the advert on your page. This is the easiest way to post an advert but if you don't want it on your page you can use the second method. It also does not give all the functionalities to make your advert perform at its best here. 
  2. You will see after it has been posted that there is a button that says "BOOST POST"
  3. Choose audience - Always choose "people you choose through targeting" then focus on who your market is. You can choose between men and women, the age range, where they live, what their interests are, etc. The more specific you can be, the better your advert will work. Remember that you are paying per click (how many people click on your advert) so you don't want clicks from people out of the area you service or from people who will not be buying your product.
  4. Choose your budget and duration (R500 over 7 days normally works well enough if you don't have a big budget) 7 days is a good duration to get response. Anything longer than that can start to annoy people then they choose not to see your adverts. If you are not getting much response within the first 12 hours then pause it and change it a bit. It is no use running a non effective advert for 7 days.

Here is the second way:

  1. In your Facebook home page you will see on the left side of the screen there are various access options like "shortcuts", "explore" and "create". Click on "Ads" under the "create"option.
  2. You will then be taken to open an "ADVERTS MANAGER" account. It is nice to have cos you can then access all your adverts and download an app on your phone to manage it on your mobile.
  3. Once you are logged into your ADVERTS MANAGER  account, bookmark this page.
  4. you will see 4 tabs at the top of the page - ACCOUNT OVERVIEW, CAMPAIGNS, AD SETS AND ADS. It works like this - first you create a campaign e.g. (Cars) then you create an ad set within that category e.g. (Opel) and then you create your advert in ADS.
  5. Here you have many more options to make your adverts successful. The first thing they let you choose is what you want to achieve with your advert. Do you just want to create awareness and build your brand, do you want to get people engaged (like your page, visit your website or go to your event), or do you want to make sales?
  6. Depending on which one you choose, Facebook will streamline it for you as much as possible. You then get to choose your audience and what page you want to post it from (so that the advert shows it is posted by your company name, not your personal name)
  7. Just continue as prompted and fill in all the details needed. When building your advert this way, Facebook gives you a button which you can then choose what it must say and where it must take people.

NB!!! Recently Facebook has changed its PLACEMENT settings to automatically select "EDIT PLACEMENTS" as apposed to AUTOMATIC PLACEMENTS (which is what you want). This is a bit complicated but it is essential that no matter how you created your advert, you need to go and change that. The only way (that I know of) is to go into your Advert manager account and into the CAMPAIGN tab. Select the advert you want and then go to the AD SETS tab. Select EDIT on  your advert and look for the PLACEMENT settings. Change it to AUTOMATIC PLACEMENTS.

If you don't do this your reach and your response on your advert will be very poor.

In Mail Chimp:

  1. Create a campaign
  2. Choose "Create an ad"
  3. Just follow the prompts

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