business - Course 3 Step 2

Create a landing page

Watch the video to discover how to create a landing page

If you are building your website with Thrive Themes then you can just follow their tutrorials to build it there.

This step is about building a free landing page in Mailchimp.

Go into your Mail chimp account and select “Campaign”. Create a campaign and in the bottom left corner of your screen select “Landing page”. 

Remember that a landing page is used to either:

Collect email addresses


Sell a specific product without distractions

So now you will see there is the option between a sign up landing page and product landing page. Each one already has the layout needed for the purpose chosen but also gives you the option to add products into the sign up version and a sign up form into the products version so it is not too important which one you choose to work from. If you will be selling products however, you will need the have it integrated with your website (the products must already be loaded on your website as Mail Chimp accesses it directly from there). Alternatively, you can remove the "product" block and change it to a "button" which is programmed to send you an email ordering the product. You can then manually send the client an invoice and let them pay via EFT. This is not recommended as you will probably lose a few clients but its easier than building a website just for 1 product. 

The designing part works just like when you learned how to make an email in Mail Chimp. You drag your boxes into the template and then just play with the design till it looks the way you want it to. 

The templates they give you are very short and to the point but with landing pages you want to make them as long as possible especially if you are trying to sell a product. You need time to convince them and you need to keep them captured to make the sale. We will go into detail on this in the bonus section. 


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