Meet our amazing team of Life Coaches!

Marelize Appelcryn
Life Coach

Since childhood I have been a highly joy driven person but have always battled to achieve the joy I was striving so hard towards. Life just never seemed to go the way I wanted it to and I always felt like there was something major missing. I had a fire inside of me to find something but I didn't know what it was.

As a teenager, I remember deciding that I would make it my mission to understand how people tick and to find what makes the world work the way it does. I couldn't understand all the pain and the hurt that we had to go through and why people did what they did to one another.

Having grown up very religiously, I was intrigued and ecstatic when I discovered that there was such a thing as spirituality beyond religion and that there were all kinds of things that religion didn't teach people about. A whole new world opened up to me and for the first time I felt truly alive and like I was onto something...something amazing. It proved that the something I had felt was missing was indeed there, I just had to find it. I became extremely passionate about the subject and absorbed every book about quantum physics, metaphysics and psychology that I could lay my hands on and at the age of 27, after my divorce, I wrote my first book called "Awaken you are the one" in an attempt to organize my thoughts and all the information I have gained from all the books I read.

But still, even with all this information, I was not in my life where I had wanted to be. I had a very successful herbal medicine business and a beautiful daughter but I didn't have the happily ever after that I had pictured and I carried my divorce as a huge sense of failure. I simply had to get it right but I didn't know how. Relationships had always been tricky for me, especially with men.

With my inborn rebellious nature and mission to find better ways to do things, I have always been on a mission to find the TRUTH in all situations. Not my truth, the universal, cannot argue with it, in your face, truth.

I am a born entrepreneur and have tried (and failed) several business ideas. Some worked and others didn't but even though I was making good money and was living a comfortable life, I still I couldn't quite figure out how to make real money. Along with my divorce and failed relationships, this too gave me a sense of failure.

After a couple more relationships and a couple more failed attempts at new businesses, I met my current husband. Our merging was not easy (it was downright painful sometimes) but we stuck it out and he has been my greatest teacher, forcing me to re-evaluate everything I believed to be true and everything I believed to be false. He forced me to look at every aspect of myself and through this growth and realization, the programs on this website were born.

Today I have 4 successful businesses, am happily married and live on our beautiful game lodge just outside of Rustenburg (close to Sun City). I view obstacles as challenges and opportunities to grow and learn new ways of doing things. At our game lodge we specialize in leadership camps for school kids and it is my passion to teach kids to lead themselves through passion and self discipline and correct thinking in order to create a brilliant future for themselves and hopefully for our country one day.

If you are keen to do one of our online programs you are free to contact me via email (I answer them all personally) any time you get stuck or need some one on one advice. My email is

If you are keen on the weekend session option, this will be done with me on our game lodge. Being so far out, once a week sessions with clients are difficult which is why I teamed up with these wonderful coaches so please feel free to book a few sessions with one of them. They can help you gain clarity if you are confused or help you heal if you are broken.

You CAN have everything your heart desires and we can help you make that happen.

Lauren Paul
Life Coach

I offer coaching in a warm, loving and non-judgmental environment, however if you feel more comfortable in your own home I am willing to travel. I believe that coaching can bring out the best in you. With an open mind and an open heart, complete transformation can take place so that you can become the person you have always wanted to be.

I specialize in Life Transformation Coaching system, Stress, Anxiety, Prosperity and abundance, Depression, Self- acceptance, Self image & self - worth, Confidence, Relationships, Emotional eating, Mindful eating, Fear & Faith, Anger Management and addictions.

​Sadiya Ally
Life Coach

I am a single parent of two amazing sons, one teenager and one young adult. Life hasn’t always been smooth sailing for us. However, with a common objective of “one united family”, we worked together as a team to achieve our goal. I soon realised that as the parent my role was two- fold; Firstly, being the supportive and understanding parent my children needed to work through the “opportunity” presented to us, with the second aspect being able to ensure that I worked on myself. By working on myself, my inner fears and mixed emotions, I was able to identify and realise the impact of my actions/behaviour towards my kids, family and friends, including our life going forward. It taught me that Life wasn’t only about ME- I needed to be fair, supportive and
empowering towards my kids, family, friends and colleagues too. I also had a choice:  “Was my situation going to make me a VICTIM or a VICTOR?”  With my “go-getter” attitude and my kids as motivation, we unanimously chose VICTOR as our role in the “SAD challenge” which we diverted into an opportunity.
After 23 years in the financial industry, I hadn’t quite felt the feeling of fulfilling my purpose in life. You see, my role did not allow me to be the inspiring person I knew I could be. Being a leader, there is a very fine line between leading people towards business goals and helping people transform their lives in order to achieve their inner potential, albeit Business or personal. Burning like an inferno, I had this inner desire- to help people develop, realize their self-worth along with their ability to rise above the numerous challenges at hand (which I see as opportunities). I then made a bold decision:  to resign so that I can fulfill my inner desire to inspire, motivate and transform peoples’ lives.

Feeling like you...?

  • Are always misunderstood/misrepresented
  • Want to get out of your comfort zone
  • Want to overcome a tragedy/trauma/Bullying
  • Want to Re-connect with/Rebuild your family
  • Want to Strengthen your relationship(Work or Personal)
  • Want to develop yourself
  • Want to Increase your confidence
  • Want to Release all that negative emotions, thoughts and feelings
  • Want to transform your life...

Join me on an inspiring and uplifting journey towards self-fulfillment where INNER PEACE and SUCCESS  are the ONLY order of your Life!

Karin Alheit
Life Coach
Somerset West
Cape Town

You change your life by changing your heart – Max LucadoDo not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. Rom 12:1-2.

As a transformational life coach my passion is to help clients discover their own inner self – desires – goals – values – and then help them plan their lives accordingly. A coach does not advise or counsel or mentor – a coach helps you find your true purpose in life.

We all have our own map of life which was formed by our own unique set of circumstances and beliefs. As we grow and develop and move through the different stages of life we don’t realize that this map has grown outdated and in many cases, even harmful.

Tension and conflict arises which is actually a wakeup call for growth, development and enlightenment. It is at this stage that a coach can help you to resolve these inner conflicts to transform them into successes.

One of the most amazing things about the present is the realization that by altering the state of your mind you can alter the state of your life. As a coach I would love to help you find your own inner strengths and resources to be able to do what you love to do or to resolve a particular problem.

On a practical level this is done by asking you powerful questions that engages your conscious and subconscious mind. Through a series of techniques I show you what you are thinking about yourself, what your highest values are and if it aligns with the person you actually want to be. In most cases these two models are not the same and I help you discover the true you.

As a grandmother I have lived through many family trials and tribulations and wish I had this gift of transformational coaching insight earlier. It would have spared me much grief especially in dealing with relationships. Transformational coaching will help you think completely different when it comes to understanding and communicating with others. As a working mother I have also always struggled with the exhausting work – life – family balance but coaching helped me discern my own true inner desires and plan my life balance accordingly.